With its unique model of public-private participation, it was set up by India’s industry leaders 25 years ago. The Tatas, Mahindras, Reliance, Godrej, ICICI, Asian Paints, and HDFC are a few of the patrons of this organization which has worked with the Union and State Governments, MCGM, MMRDA, etc. as a nonpartisan body able to engage civil society, professionals, and captains of industry.

Our Story

The journey of Mumbai First

Mumbai First is an initiative of the corporate world. The Tatas, Mahindras, Godrej, Reliance, amongst others had done a study with McKinsey at the turn of the century to show how Mumbai could be transformed into a World-Class City. The report led to a very close public-private partnership with the State Government and formed the basis of the “Vision Mumbai” document prepared for the Government of Maharashtra and several infrastructure projects that are now being implemented are part of this report. Our Mumbai initiative has also had the support of the Prime Minister’s Office, World Bank, and the European Union, amongst others.

Several initiatives of Mumbai First like, the Institutional Framework established for Mumbai Transformation Programme, which included, amongst others, Citizens’ Action Group, the setting up of an Empowered Committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and worked on a Concept Plan for MMR. We also strongly advocated the need for setting up a War Room to closely monitor the various infrastructure projects. Over the years, we have also conducted key conferences like the BRICS Conference (2016), Metamorphosis (2009), Security and Resilience Conference (2009), Climate Crisis: Action for Tropical Coastal Cities (2020), and more.

Governing Board Members during the inception


Dr P. S. Pasricha
Former Director-General of Police
State of Maharashtra

“I am delighted to know that Bombay First, a premier institution that functions in close association with Maharashtra Government to bring about various improvements in Greater Mumbai, is going to celebrate its silver jubilee, having completed 25 successful years in their mission. I am proud to have been closely associated with Bombay First from its inception, especially in the field of traffic and transportation and security of the city. They have done commendable work by organizing various professional studies of the myriad problems that the city faces and making suggestions to combat or mitigate them. I wish Bombay First all the best for their future endeavors.”

Mr Ugo Astuto
European Union to India

“I am very happy to wish a happy Silver Jubilee to Bombay First and to convey my personal appreciation to his Chairman, Mr. Narinder Nayar for his vision and dedication. The Delegation of the European Union to India has been working closely with Bombay First for many years now. We share the same commitment to addressing the challenges of sustainable urbanization. We will continue to develop partnerships with Bombay First and all stakeholders for a green, resilient, and digital future for the next generation.”

Mr Arun Nanda
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.

“I am delighted that Mumbai First is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. My heartiest congratulations to the Managing Committee and Team Mumbai First for the great work done over the last 25 years to make Mumbai a world-class city. I have had the pleasure of working with Mumbai First on and off over the last several years and have been delighted to see how this unique organization, which works closely with the Government, has evolved over this period to keep pace with the times. It started with delivering the comprehensive transformation plan for the city of Mumbai along with Mckinsey. Then over the period, they took various initiatives to improve the quality of life of Mumbaikars. Earlier this year, it highlighted the threats from climate change to Mumbai and other tropical-coastal cities.
This is an encouraging sign for Mumbaikars as the NGO sector works hand in hand with the government in strategies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change. For any development, we need interdisciplinary collaboration and Mumbai First is a great example of how they have supported the Government and brought best practices from across the world for the development of our city. On a personal note, Adhata Trust, a foundation that I set up, is now working with Mumbai First to improve the quality of lives of our senior citizens during the second innings of their lives. Wishing Mumbai First all the best for the next 25 years”

Mrs Valsa Nair Singh
Principal Secretary
Tourism Excise & Civil Aviation Govt Of Maharashtra

“ I have been involved closely with Mumbai First since my days as Secretary, Dept of Environment, Govt of Maharashtra in 2008. We have worked together in many environmental awareness campaigns and I have been also associated with many International conferences organized by Mumbai First. The sector has benefited tremendously from the awareness created by these initiatives. We have been able to identify best practices from other progressive States/Countries and adopt suitable ones. We have also got the World to listen to the successful initiatives embarked upon by the State Govt, especially in Climate Change and Waste Management. For me personally, Mumbai First workshops have been a sounding board for many new policies and I stand protégée to have been a part of that journey. ”

Mr Ashok M. Advani
Chairman & Chief Executive officer
Blue Star Ltd.

“Mumbai First has built connections with various European and Indian entities and served as a useful link to several government agencies thereby helping our growing metropolis deal with urban challenges.”

Mr Gerson da Cunha
Convenor of AGNI (Action for Good Governance and Networking for India)

“A Quarter Century of Achievement – Mumbai First has acquired leadership in reaching out to the world and more fields than those with which it began”

Henriette Faergemann
First Counsellor
Head of Section Environment, Transport, Urbanisation, Energy & Climate Change, EU Delegation to India

“Together we have created the EU- Mumbai Partnership focusing on the sustainable urban development of Mumbai and creating links to European partners from Cities, business and financing institutions”

Shri Ajit Kumar Jain, IAS (Retd.)
Centre for Sustainable Governance All India Institute of Local Self-Government

“Mumbai First has richly contributed to several vital policy decisions in the government”

Sir Stephen O’Brien
London First

“The launch of what became ‘Mumbai First’ was a landmark in encouraging the corporate sector to take real responsibility, alongside the public authorities, for the development and success of a world class city”

Mr Nadir Godrej,
Managing Director
Godrej Industries

“ I have been associated with Bombay First since it’s early days. I would like to congratulate everyone on the Silver Jubilee! The work that has been done to improve Mumbai in all aspects by working with all stakeholders is very commendable. In February I was associated with an excellent initiative to make a Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Mumbai. I delivered a poem at the concluding session of the seminar. This was the conclusion of the poem:
In Climate Change as well as health
Prevention can conserve our wealth.
Prevention is much better than cure!
So learn it now or then endure
The endless pain and aggravation
Of the heavy cost of adaptation!

I wish Bombay First all the best in the years to come
And look forward to seeing a future Mumbai that is clean, inclusive and fulfilling for all.”