Be a Champion of Mumbai

How and Why

  • Memberships:
    Individuals, Institutions, Profit, and Not for Profit Organisations and Corporations can be part of our initiative and activities on being invited to join as members. Procedure: The process is by invitation/application (see form attached)…

  • Each membership carries a token fee (break up of a One-time registration and an annual renewable fee) in lieu of engaging you/your team and your skills in the various Mission verticals of Mumbai First.
  • As a Member, you will be on our mailing list and invited to all our events. (The Board meetings are strictly by personal invitation to the designated members).
  • You shall have access to specialized committees and interaction with stakeholders driving the city.
  • This city belongs to all of us. Belongs to YOU. Be a part of Mumbai First. Contribute to this city’s change today.
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