Mumbai will vote. Why don’t you?
“Vote4Mumbai’’ Challenge With Mumbai First

An initiative supported by the State Election Commission

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections will take place on 21st February 2017 on a Tuesday.

The day may not be a public holiday. Statistic of the last FOUR elections shows that every time elections are held in Mumbai, less than 45 per cent of registered voters have cast their franchise.

That means, over half the people of our city DO NOT show up to vote.

Despite the BMC touching the life of every Mumbaikar, every day, over half the city chooses not to engage with its elections.
By not turning up to vote, One out of every two does not even care what happens to the 42,000 crore which the BMC is supposed to spend for you.
Clearly this is a problem. Getting people to break their routines and come out to vote is quite the challenge.
This is where you come in. Do you have it in you take up this challenge? Not just as an individual but as an institution / College / Housing Society.

Mumbai is known as the country’s business capital. Can the businesses come together to bring this change?