To enhance the quality of life of the citizens of Mumbai and improve the economic and social fabric of the city. In short, to transform Mumbai / Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) into a world-class city, one of the best places in which to live and do business in.


Mumbai First is an initiative to make the city a better place to live, work and invest in. It aims to serve the city with the best that private business can offer. It will achieve this by addressing the problems of today and the opportunities of tomorrow, through partnerships with government, business and civil society.


  • To promote and support policy initiative for the betterment of Mumbai and welfare of its inhabitants.

  • To sponsor, promote, support or provide financial assistance to the programmes and initiatives for the general welfare of the residents of Mumbai or to make Mumbai city a better place to live, work or visit.

  • To organize, sponsor, promote, establish or conduct social, socio-economic or statistical research in any way or by any means in respect of the City of Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

  • To canalize international knowledge and expertise in the above referred fields of work and to adopt them for the use in the city of Mumbai and its adjoining areas.

  • To coordinate with Central and State Government, Municipal Corporation, other government and non-government agencies in respect of public welfare programmes, policy initiatives and research for the City of Mumbai and its residents.

  • To mobilize public support and establish network of Mumbai’s residents and organisations with the relevant goals to further the cause of City’s improvement. To organise, sponsor, promote or conduct workshops, seminars, studies, conferences, on the relevant topics and do all such acts for achieving the above objectives.

  • To disseminate knowledge, provide training in the aforesaid fields; maintain schools, colleges, educational institutions, research establishment, libraries, museum, auditoriums, studios, and other facilities in the City of Mumbai.

  • To develop, promote or acquire knowhow, scientific knowledge, benefits of research or other rights and to promote exploitation therein such a manner and on such terms as may be found fit for the general welfare of Mumbai city and its inhabitants