One of our popular events is the Speaker Series where we bring to our members and the general public an opportunity to listen to experts on their field share their ideas on how to tackle the various aspects that Mumbaikars have to deal with. The Bombay Stock Exchange and the Collaborating Chambers of Commerce have supported this activity of Mumbai First.

social-icon-youtube-red-white-35x35Making Mumbai Safer


social-icon-youtube-red-white-35x35Investor Learning in the Indian Stock Market

pdfHow can the media contribute to the growth of Mumbai?

pdfTransforming Our Cities

pdfBetter Governance for better Government – Mr. Shailesh Gandhi and Mr. Sanjay Ubale

pdfWe Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us – Why India Will Not Become A Superpower (Just Yet)

pdfThe Age of Cities- How Can India Adapt by Dr. Parag Khanna