This committee promotes initiatives that allow development and urban planning without environmental degradation. It focuses on effective waste management and prevention of pollution


This committee aims at drastically improving health services in public Hospitals and Disease control through improved sanitation and public awareness programs


The objective of this committee is to mainly enhance the quality/standard of Municipal teachers and improve quality of education in public schools.


This committee examines concrete problems in the existing governance architecture and suggests ways in which to restructure Local Government to be more effective, efficient and responsive to public needs and aspirations.


This committee aims at improving and increasing the city’s infrastructure to keep pace with its growing population. The areas it tackles are public transport, electricity and water supply.


This committee focuses on increasing land supply and promoting affordable housing through redevelopment of mill lands and slums.


This committee has been specially formed to ensure the basic security of citizens, and counter the threat of terrorist attacks.

Smart City

This committee is formed to build up the Mumbai Metropolitan Region by developing the Thane-Belapur area as an industrial township. It also aims at encouraging and strengthening the entertainment industry and leveraging the Bollywood brand.

Financial Center

This committee aims to develop Mumbai into an International Financial Centre to attract financial institutions and banks.