Major Events and Collaborative Efforts of Mumbai First


  • 24th November 2017  Masterclass on Waste to Energy, Waste Water Treatment and Urban Resilience in collaboration with Netherlands Consulate.
  • 12th September 2017 Mission 24 – A civic initiatives to transform M-East ward in collaboration with MCGM and Apnalaya.
  • 8th August 2017  Dawn of Cruise Tourism in India in Collaboration with Mumbai Port Trust.

  • 5th April 2017  Financing Sustainable Urbanisations in Maharashtra in collaboration with European Union and MMRDA.
  •  6th – 10th March 2017  Metropolitan Lab on Gujarat Sustainable Urbanisation in collaboration with European Union.


  • 19-24 September  Metropolitan Lab on Maharashtra’s Sustainable Urbanisation
  • 14th, 15th & 16th April BRICS Friendship Cities Conclave 2016.
  • 23rd Jan EU-INDIA Cooperation on Sustainable Urban and Regional Development.


  • 25th May EU-BF Sustainable Urbanisation & World Cities Conference
  • 17th April OnBoard: Bus Identification Device Pilot Trials on BEST Mumbai, February – April 2015
  • 31st March Third working group Meeting on the ‘Challenges of City Planning
  • 6th Feb Mumbai Next

1995 – 2014

  • Second Working Group Meeting on ‘Energy and integrated Transport’
  • First working Group Meeting on Environment on Environmental Issues
  • Workshop on “Metropolitan Governance & Planning” on Experiences of Rio de Janeiro & Mumbai
  • International Conference on “Environmental Concerns of Mumbai”
  • Presentation of Background Paper on Security Strategy and Planning in the conference “Mumbai Must be Secured. Now”!
  • Mumbai First Mission Reports / Action Plans on
    • Environment, Housing, Education
    • Mumbai as an international Banking operations centre
  • Rebranding Bombay First by Landor.
  • Initiatives with Mumbai Police
    • Training on Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Management Course
    • CCTV for Mumbai A catalyst Between London & Mumbai Police
    • Visit to London to understand ‘Security Implementation & CCTVS’ in UK organized by Bombay First
  • Mumbai Architect Charrette Analysis of Regeneration and Renewal of non-operation portion by MbPT (Port Trust) Land.
  • Blue Print for the future Vision Mumbai
    • A 40-Year Concept Plan for Mumbai Metropolitan Region
  • Bombay First along with MTSU & McKinsey conceptualized the establishment of War Room for the Hon’ble Chief Minister to assist him to monitor the progress of major projects in MMR.
  • Security and Resilience: Securing the City of Dreams.
  • International Conference ‘Metamorphosis’, six major subject White papers were prepared for
    1. Education
    2. Healthcare
    3. Housing
    4. Economic Growth
    5. Governance
    6. Physical Infrastructure
  • Conference in London “ Lessons from 9/11, 7/7 and 26/11” for a Safer cities jointly organized by London First and Bombay First.
  • White paper on Crisis Management in MMR.
  • International Conference on “Lessons from 9/11 and 7/7 for a Safer Mumbai”.
  • Round table on proposed Concept Plan for MMR.
  • Round table on Economic Growth in MMR.
  • Signing of Memorandum of Understanding between Bombay First and International Financial Services, London and the Toronto Financial Services Alliance.
  • International Conference on Urban Renewal: Learning for Mumbai.
  • Setting up a Dedicated Urban Transport Fund for Mumbai.
  • Perspectives on Civic Finances: A study of the Finances of the MCGM.
  • Vehicular Pollution Problem and Air Quality Management in Mumbai.
  • Information Documents on Solid Waste Management , Kutchara Hatao!
  • Creating Critical Awareness and best Practices in Solid Waste Management.
  • Safe Disposal of Hospital waste.
  • The Clean –up Churchgate Project.
  • Metropolitan Data Network for the Financial Services Sector of Mumbai.
  • Citizens’ forum for the protection of Public Spaces.
  • Ballard Estate: A proposal for the Urban Management of the Area.
  • Relaxations of the rent control and repeal of ULCRA in Mumbai.
  • Modifications in Development Control Regulations for Mumbai.
  • Fact Book Mumbai.
  • Comprehensive Transport Strategy for Mumbai.
  • Mumbai Urban Transport Project II.
  • Mumbai as international Finance and Business Centre.
  • The suitability of Mumbai for IT industry.
  • Employment Implications of Growth of Financial Sector in Mumbai.
  • Project Bombay: Research to study Needs and Opinion of the Citizens of Bombay.